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C6 Christmas Tree Lights, Roof Lines, Outdoor Christmas Lighting - 70 LEDs - 24' Length

Buy the Best, Longest Lasting LED in the Market! Typical Holiday use will bring years of Flawless Beauty and No Fuss Convenience. Full Three Year Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee

Residential End to End Connection are Stackable LED Christmas Lights End To End connection You can connect 44 sets end to end

Welcome to The Light Store Please Choose a C6 Lens Color


White Lights, C6 for Christmas Tree Lights and Outdoor White Lights White Wire Toowhite on white wire


Warm White LED Lights, Incandescent Color, Warm White Lights C6


LED Multi Colored Lights are great for Roof Line Lights and C6 Outdoor LED Christmas Lights


Blue Outdoor Christmas Lighting, C6 Blue Lights are great for Roof Lines



C6 Red Christmas Lighting, Great for Roof Lines and Christmas Tree Lights


Green LED Lights C6 Lens use for Christmas Tree Lights



Purple LED String Lights use for Christmas Tree Lights, C6 Purple LED Lights

Halloween Orange Lights use for Any Holiday



Pink LED Lights use for Roof Line Lights, Pink Christmas Tree Lights


Gold LED Christmas Lights great for Roof Lines, C6 Gold LED Lights


C6 LED Outdoor Christmas Lighting

70 LEDs 1/2 X 1-1/4 Lens

C6 Length 24 Ft

Wire Color: Green or White

Connect 44 Sets end to end

If one Outdoor Christmas Lighting bulb goes out the rest stay on

Indoor / Outdoor Christmas Lighting

Full Wave LED Rectifier Light Sets

3 Year Factory Warranty

Energy Saving - Energy Star - Full Wave LED

Male/Female End-to-End, Stackable, Fused

C6 Christmas Tree Lights are Injected, molded, sealed Units, Lens do not come out

C6 Virtually unbreakable, UV protected

UL Listed, 4.8 Watts per C6 Set

LED Christmas Lights

C6 Christmas Lights

C6 Christmas Tree Lights, Roof Lines, Outdoor Christmas Lighting - 70 LEDs - 24' Length

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