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Commercial 5mm LED Light Strings


Commercial Outdoor Christmas Lights are Ideal in Windy & Icy Areas, Screw together ends make them Impossible to Pull Apart - 1/4" Conical Non-Faceted Lens, 25 or 70 Lights, 9' - 24' Length, 4" Spacing - 3 Year Warranty - Energy Saving - Satisfaction Guarantee.

5mm LED Light Strings Usage:

Small ¼” Wide Angle Lens disperses Light in all Directions, Ideal for Outdoor Christmas Lights, Branch Wrapping, Tree Trunks & Trees - Completely Sealed making them water and weatherproof, Durable 20-gauge Wire, Connection is 44-88 sets end to end, Cool to the touch - Long Lasting Commercial LED Light Strings are Injected Molded and Sealed from Base to Lens. Rated at over 100,000 Hours Energy Efficient Saving 80-90% in power. This lens has several names - Rice Light-5mm-Wide Angle Lens-Conical Lens-Small LED Lights  - These are all the same lights

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