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LED Bulbs - Snowflakes - Stringers


Retrofit C7, C9, T-50 Bulbs, RGB Lighting, Icicles Bulbs, Spheres, Snowflakes, Lasers, MR16, Stringers & Spools, Electrical Parts - Energy Saving - Satisfaction Guarantee.

Traditional LED Christmas Bulbs Made from Sturdy Epoxy Plastic, Cool to the touch, Long Lasting Fade, Crack and Weather Resistant Bulbs, Bright Brilliant Colors. C7 and C9 Bulbs Retro Fits in regular C7 and C9 Sockets, T-50 are Ideal for Patio Lights, Cascading Icicles made with Nickel bases to prevent corrosion, RGB Lighting Newest Lighting in the market control the lights and functions makes any color and combination of colors, Stringers & Spools made with Heavy Wire, Full line of Electrical parts for your Displays.


C7 led replacement bulbs


C7 LED Replacement Bulbs


C7 led replacement bulbs


C9 LED Large Bulbs


t50 led bulbs


S14-T50 LED Patio Lights


led flood lights
LED Flood Lights

led globe bulbs

LED Globe Bulbs 

LED Icicles Static or Animated


laser lights

 Laser Projection Lights


LED Spheres & Holographic


stringers, spools, parts
Stringers, Spools & Wire

electrical accessories

 Electrical Accessories

 LED MR-16

RGB Lighting


LED Snowflakes and Stars
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