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RGB WiFi Light Kit

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SKU: RGB-WiFi-Kit-C7

Forever LED RGB Lighting, Control your Colors and Effects

RGB C7, G20 or G40 Lighting Remote Kit with 25 RGB Lights

This Kit Contains

  • 1 - Set 25 LED Bulbs
  • 1 - RGB Mini Controller up to 500 Bulbs
  • 1 - WiFi Controller
  • 1 - 5 amp Transformer up to 100 Bulbs (4 Strings)

All Lens are Opaque Choose Lens Type

C7 has 12" Spacing Lens Size is Approx 3/4" x 1-1/4"

G40 is 12" Spacing Lens Size is Approx 1-3/4" Round

G20 is 6" Spacing Lens Size Approx 1/2" Round

 RGB Lights

WiFi Controller

The controller is packed full of powerful features which allow for many ways to control the lights 

  • The wireless Effects Controller (WEC) has many powerful features which extend the capabilities
  • Connect to any wireless device without the need to download an app
  • Simple to connect using the same method used for wireless network devices
  • Can connect up to 50 metres away ~
  • Small, compact and powerful
  • Controls up to 400 lights individually *
  • Over 20 individual built in effects
  • Choose your color of choice including shades of white
  • Control effects direction, speed and intensity
  • Select and save up to 3 colors to be use with 10 special built in effects
  • Select and save up to 5 customized built in effects
  • Remembers last effect when you turn off the controller if set with the on/off tab.
  • Two flexible ways to connect up the controller, power and lights
  • Wireless upload custom effects to the controllers internal memory
  • Wireless upload updated controller firmware
  • Use industry standard Art-Net to control the WEC for live wireless network control
  • Use Minleon’s Smart Ts for even more installation options
  • Direct connect mode allows for direct wireless connection to the WEC
  • Can be set up using a fixed (Static) IP address
  • Network mode allows for connection through a wireless network
  • Ability to easily reset to factory default
  • Use any of the Minleon lighting range with the WEC controller
  • Individually name each controller for easy management
  • Powerful IOS and Android Apps available soon that will extend the controller capabilities even further including live music playback.

~ Wireless network distance can vary due to many factors including obstructions and type of wireless device used

* An additional power-T and power supply must be connected to every 100 lights due to voltage drop


What is RGB?

  • RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue

  • Each RGB Bulb (or nodes/pixels) has 3 channels in it. One Red, Green & Blue diode

  • Each color has 256 levels of intensity to blend and make any array of color by blending the three colors together at different intensities. When you mix Red, Green, Blue in paint you would get black, lighting is the opposite as it makes white.

  • RGB light strings typically consist of 3-4 wires. Minleon RGB light strings are designed with 3 wires making it more cost efficient. You have one positive, one negative and one data wire.

  • Each RGB bulb from Minleons line of products is programmable. So you are capable of changing any diode on a strand to any color instead of the whole strand changing to one color at a time.

A Minleon controller and all their RGB products are ran on XDMX(eXtremeDMX) protocols instead of the traditional DMX making it 4 times faster and capable of handling bigger data packets than the traditional DMX. You are able to set their effects controllers as a slave to run it in DMX mode with other controllers, but this creates a lot of limitations compared to the XDMX protocols

 Mini Controller

Mini Controller

  • Very Compact Design
  • Advanced MC ‘Controls’ up to 500 RGB lights independent of each other
  • an unlimited # RGB lights and light strings(with proper accessory's
  • Includes ‘Built-in’ Software to control lights, including 23 different mini-sequences in varying speeds and brightness levels Such as, rainbow colors, colored chasers, color patterns for holidays and many more
  • USB Port access for custom programming thru Minleon ‘RGB light show software’


How to work RGB Lighting Click Image for Complete Instructions

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