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100 RGB 5mm Bulb Set

$ 76.99
SKU: RGB5MM100-Remote

Forever LED 5mm RGB Lighting with Remote Control

5mm Frosted RGB Light Set

  • 1 - String of 100 RGB Bulbs 5mm WIde Angle Lens
  • 1 - RGB Remote Controller up to 800 Bulbs
  • 1 - Plug and Synchronize up to 8 Sets 

Don't be overwhelmed with all the parts to the regular RGB Lights.  Just Plug and Play.  First set comes with a controller.  You can buy additional sets with no controller. 

Create up to 50 different visual effects and lighting function combinations.


Lighting Function:

  • Steady On
  • Twinkling
  • Firefly
  • Slow Twinkle
  • Flash
  • Chasing
  • Color Changing (8 colors)
  • Slow Fade (8 colors)

Color Choices:

  • Pink
  • Multi Color
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Bright White
  • Purple 
  • Amber

Each Individual light set can operate separately via the remote control.  Connect and synchronize up to 8 sets end to end and control them all with one remote.

Will resume last function when powered off and back on.  


  • 100 Opaque 5mm bulbs
  • Weather Resistant Construction
  • 33' Length
  • 4" Spacing
  • Green Wire
  • Male/Female co-axial plugs
  • 120V
  • 9 Watts





What is RGB?

  • RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue

  • Each RGB Bulb (or nodes/pixels) has 3 channels in it. One Red, Green & Blue diode

  • Each color has 256 levels of intensity to blend and make any array of color by blending the three colors together at different intensities. When you mix Red, Green, Blue in paint you would get black, lighting is the opposite as it makes white

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