BR40 LED 15W

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LED BR40 15W COB Hi Output Chips

120 VOLT


COB Hi-Output Chip Characteristics:

  • Fully Dimmable
  • 5-Year Manufactures Warranty
  • UL-Listed and Energy Star Approved
  • 25,000 Hour Average Rated Life (by Energy Star Standards)
  • Will last in most normal applications for 50,000+ Hours


Ideal for High Light Areas

Warm White - Cool White

  • Color Chart

Warm White (WW) looks like incandescent
Cool White (CW) very bright white like ice

  • Terms used in LED Lighting

Color K - Kelvin Color or Hue
Lumens - Output in Candle Lumens
CBCP - Center Beam Candlepower
CRI - Color Rendering Index

Color-Degree    Watts   Lumens    Color K    CRI   
WW - BR40 - 120°  15W - 120V  1000 2700K  80+
CW - BR40 - 120°  15W - 120V  1160 6000K  70+


Our Dauer Lampen line of LED products have been engineered to the strictest possible standards to achieve the highest lumens per watt ratings and the best lamp to lamp color consistency in the industry, delivering the very best value for your money. 

LED Whole House Lighting
LED BR40 15W COB Hi Output Chips
Ideal for High Light Areas
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