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C9 Base LED Light Tubes 36"

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SKU: FS-36T-8-CW

LED Light Tubes 36" Full View

  • 36" Tubes
  • Warm White, Cool White, Red, Blue or Green
  • C9 Base - Uses C9 Sockets
  • 48 LED Per Tube
  • Full around view of Tubes

Unique Design with Cascading Light Tubes

Create a Unique LED Light Tubes display using random lengths and Tube Lights sizes.  LED Light Tubes look like falling stars or point them in different directions for a Meteorite Shower
  • LED Light Tubes Can be viewed from all sides
  • Random Drops when multiple LED Tube Lights are connected
  • Different Drop speeds between each Light Tube cycle
  • C9 Sockets - Stringers click image  
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use



Unique Design for Trees, Roof Lines, Commercial Displays and more. Please click the play button to see these Lights working and for the color difference between the White LED Light Tubes and the Warm White Light Tubes

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