Clearance Red High Power Color Projection Light

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SKU: 24933-R

25' x 25' Projection area, Small Compact Size, Combine Colors for a unique look

Laser Projection Light is a revolutionary, time saving, and portable laser light that allows you to decorate any surface in a kaleidoscope of brilliant color. 

Simply plug it in, point it towards your house, tree, or wall, and then adjust the dial until you achieve the desired effect. 

Made with high quality, durable components, and available in three Colors: Blue, Green, and Red - This is the perfect hassle-free solution for decorating large trees or surfaces, with thousands of lights, in just minutes!

  • 25' x 25' Projection Area (at 35' away)
  • Color Red
  • Small and Compact Size: Dimensions - 6.5" T x 2.5" W x 3.5" L
  • Get different looks or Change the Pattern with the adjustable dial
  • Flexible Stem allows you to point the laser as needed
  • Ground Stake and weighted Metal Base are included for multiple install options - Other Install Accessories are available
  • 52" Power Cord w/outdoor rated plug
  • Low Energy Usage: Only 5 Watts per fixture!
  • Life Span of Laser: 7,000 - 10,000 Hours of Continuous Use
  • UL Listed for Indoor/Outdoor Use