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LED Tube Starter Kit

$ 44.99
SKU: Tube-Start-Kit-Blk


Starter Kit with all the parts needed for a LED Light Tube Display, Cascading LED Light Tube Displays in White or Black Wire - 3 Year Warranty - Energy Saving - Satisfaction Guarantee.

Tube Starter Kit

  • One 5 Foot End Plug
  • One 4 Way Adaptor
  • Three 2 Foot Spacers
  • Two 5 Foot Spacers
  • Black or White Wire

  • Add The Tube Color and Length that you like

    Create a Unique LED Light Tubes display using random lengths and Tube Lights sizes, add 4 way adapter to run different directions, LED Light Tubes look like falling stars or point them in different directions for a Meteorite Shower
    • LED Light Tubes Can be viewed from all sides
    • Random Drops when multiple LED Tube Lights are connected
    • Different Drop speeds between each Light Tube cycle
    • Connect 200 LED Light Tubes end to end
    • One Male and One Female End with 6 inch Leads
    • Indoor/Outdoor Use




    Starter Kit includes everything you need to start your LED Light Tube Project, Just add your favor color Tubes

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