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Premium and Commercial Forever LED Christmas Lights

Durable - Best Long Lasting LED in the Market - Mini Lights, 5mm Conical Lens, Berry Lights, C7 Tree Lights, C9 LED Light Strings, Icicles, Net and Tree Trunk Wraps and More

Our Premium Forever Christmas Lights are Ideal for Decorating Christmas Trees, Roof Lines, Fences, Branch Wrapping, Buildings, Wreaths and Garland

  • Forever LED Christmas Lights
    Christmas Lights
  • LED Christmas Lights
    Commercial Outdoor Lights
    Patio - Trees - Weddings
  • LED Replacement Bulbs
    LED Replacement Bulbs
    C7 - C9 - T50 - Tubes - Icicles
  • LED WReaths, Trees & Garland
    LED Trees, Wreaths & Garland
    Heavy Duty Clips & Decorations

LED Christmas Lights


LED Christmas Lights: Cool to the touch, Weather Safe - Long Lasting LED Light String are Injected Molded and Sealed from Base to Lens - Ideal for indoor or outdoor Christmas Tree Lights, Branch Wrapping, Tree Trunks, Bushes, Windows, Fences, Yard art, Christmas Displays, Buildings and More - Durable Epoxy Plastic Lens and Heavy Wire -  Connection is 44 to 88 sets low power consumption  – Rated at over 100,000 Hours Energy Efficient Saving 80-90% in power. 

Commercial LED Light Strings: Ideal for Outdoor Christmas Lights, Completely Sealed making them Water and Weather Proof, Great for Windy and Icy Areas, Durable 20 gauge Wire allows for connection with no pull apart screw down caps, Injected Molded and Sealed.

LED Christmas Bulbs, Tubes, Laser Lighting:  C7 and C9 Bulbs Retro Fits in regular C7 and C9 Sockets, T-50 are Ideal for Patio Lights, Cascading Icicles made with Nickel bases to prevent corrosion, LED Light Tubes, RGB Lighting Newest Lighting in the market control the lights and functions makes any color and combination of colors - Bright Brilliant Colors, Cool to the touch, Weather Safe - Long Lasting Fade, Crack and Weather Resistant Bulbs, Forever Bright LED Christmas.

Forever Greenery: All Artificial Wreaths, Garland, Trees are Flame Retardant and Non-Allergenic, Beautiful Full Oregon Fir looks like it just came from the forest - Clips, Hooks and Hanger - Electrical Extensions, Plugs, Wire, Controllers and Accessories for ease of application.

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