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Forever LED Christmas Lights, In business Since 2002 selling top of the line Full Wave LED Light Strings, Commercial LED, Christmas Wreaths and Garland. Our goal is to always sell the best LED on the market with full customer satisfaction!


2002 the Mini blue LED was the most sought after. The white we called multi colored white because the technology was in its infancy and the discoveries of new materials, technology and manufacturing were still years off. The technology has improved every year along with new lines.

2003 Holiday Creation© took over the marketing and production of the Forever Bright© product line. They started to work on the designs and the ‘multi’ white issues. The need for a Commercial Christmas Lights that would allow commercial users, cities, and towns across the nation to connect as many as 88 LED Christmas sets end to end was met. The new design of lens, better color distribution and brighter LED's has continued to excel from a mostly perfect white to new colors like the Soft(Warm) White which has the look of an incandescent light.

2004 Business kept expanding into new markets and distribution across the United States, also Sales and Distribution in Canada. Many online stores started to sell LED Christmas Lights.

2005 Brought most of the same but better distribution through UPS and their supply chain solutions making the import of the LED Christmas Lights much easier. Business was growing so large that the need to move the company to a better distribution center in the country was necessary.

2006 Renee Lake bought all interest and inventory in the prior business and moved the Company. Forever LED© became the first LED Company that is 100% Women owned and operated! We moved to a new 10,000 Sq. Ft. warehouse in Marion Indiana. The distribution from Marion gives customers two day regular ground service to most of the USA.

Our newly acquired line in 2006 of Full Wave LED Technology is the biggest and best yet in the field of LEDs. The advancement to the brightness of the new Full Wave LED technology is attributed to the use of full wave rectifiers which power the lights up and down the string, taking the flicker out of the Christmas light and giving the LED the power it needs to be brighter than the traditional light strings. We only import Genuine Full Wave Lighting.

2007 We discovered a great supplier of LED Replaceable Bulbs (retro) LED C7 and C9 bulbs. The quality of the new bulbs are the best yet! Using new super bright LEDs the light fills to the tip of a C9. The New C7 Christmas bulbs have 3 LED’s and the New C9 has 5 LED’s. New chip sets made the LED C7 and C9 bulbs beyond our expectations!

2008 We added LED Christmas Wreaths, Christmas Garland and Trees. Custom Christmas wreaths are made in the USA and are the most beautiful I have seen on the market! All the greenery is made with Genuine LED C7 and C9 bulbs or LED Christmas Lights.

2009 Forever LED Christmas Lights purchased the new LED Micro Dots! These little dots of plastic on a copper wire are the next generation of LED lighting. We carry a full supply with all colors of these battery operated units. Also very popular this year is the new Wide Angle Lens.

2010 Forever LED brought new indoor LED lighting to the market. Diogen 60 watt bulbs and LED tube Lights. The light is great and saves over $500 in power over the lifetime of the bulb! What a savings! Our light string line will continue in the Full Wave top of the line product. Holiday Creations and Diogen has closed its Colorado Distribution, however we are still buying the same Forever Bright LEDs as in the past, through another provider. We also added another Warehouse Distribution from Wisconsin for shipment of Commercial Christmas Lights.

2011 Brings New LED Lighting in LED Light Tubes, Rain Curtains, Dripping Icicles in C7 and C9 LED Replacement Bulbs and LED Flood Lights. Our newest items are LED Holiday Light displays for wall mount or free standing, pole mount and more all made with LED Christmas Lights in C7 Replacement Bulbs. We have extended our Christmas garland to include items like snow tips and longer lengths.

2012 Opens with a new web site domain LED-Christmas-Lights.net, the move was to achieve a more user friendly URL for customers and search engines, New this year is Holiday Light Displays, High Power LED Par Bulbs, Clips, Hooks, Hangers, Socket Sets, Commercial Mini Incandescent Lights, LED Spheres and more! We are expanding our company into the household Lighting and low voltage Outdoor Lights.

2013 Beautiful custom decorated wreaths and garland. We have always put the LED light string of your choice on your greenery but this year we are offering decorations, bows, pine-cones and more. All assembled here in the USA by working Mothers. Expanding our lighting line to include the new Color Wave Tube Lighting and Strip Lighting. New design website and More.

2014 Opening our new warehouse in Cascade Idaho! This has been years in the making, a new Christmas store which will carry lots of new Christmas items. Also new this year a full line of Whole House LED Lighting. We also have warehouses in Wisconsin and Georgia.

2015 Expanded the warehouse and getting ready to build our new one. Can't wait for all the extra space. Opening a new Christmas store after the new warehouse is built. Re-Designed Forever LED web sites, now mobile and tablet friendly.

2016 Opened the new Christmas Store in beautiful Cascade Idaho!  We are only opened seasonally October through December.  Making lots of custom wreaths and garland.  Our new RGB Christmas Light is up and running great.

2017 Adding new lines of Novelty LED Lighting, LED Balls, Rattan Lights, Tear Drop LED, Trees, Butterflies, Patio Lights and more.  Christmas Store in Cascade Idaho is doing great!  Lots of people stopping by year round for all there Christmas LED Lighting.

2018 So many new products to add to the ever growing line of Forever LED Christmas Lights. New SMD Bulbs, Rain Curtains, RGB Light Strings, Glistening and Strobing Lights, Holographic LED Spheres and Folding Spheres.  

2019 Expanded warehouse service from Texas and Florida which added to our Idaho, Wisconsin and Georgia Warehouses.

2020 Hit by the Covid-19 crises we have all had to step back and look at how we do business and more important how we keep everybody safe.  We have regular tests for Covid-19 and our staff has been cut to only what we need. We continue to pay our employees even if they are not working. 

2021  Containers sitting on the ocean We ordered our lights in March of every year but this year has been different from all the rest! The ships are sitting in the harbors waiting for containers to be taken off.  Another problem is that each of these containers must go through customs, they are so short handed that containers are stuck in customs for weeks If that is not enough, we have a major shortage of drivers to take them from the ports to our locations. Worse part of all is that they do not tell us were our containers are until they are out of customs!  We really feel for the small business, they have invested all monies into these containers only to not have them show up in time for the season.  Covid was terrible on these companies, but this is just too much!

We look forward to supplying all your LED Lighting needs this year.

It’s been another great year to be a part of this ever growing industry, that continues to look at our environmental needs and concerns over power consumption. One day your entire home will be lit with LED's from interior lighting to solar power outdoor lighting.

Thank you for your business in the past and we look forward to working with each one of you in the future.

Forever LED Christmas Lights Contact Details:
Phone:866-662-2915, Cell: 208-315-3371 E-mail: led@foreverled.com