Commercial LED Accessories

Accessories for Commercial LED Light Strings and Outdoor Christmas Lights, Adaptors,  Y, 4 Ways, 8 Ways, Extension, End Plugs and more

Commercial LED Forever Christmas Lights 3 Year Warranty, Energy Saving, Satisfaction Guarantee

Connecting your LED Light Strings are easy with these accessories, Y, 4, 8 Way adapters allow you to run other directions easily!  Run from one roof line or Tree to another with the adapter add a spacer cord for the length between light displays, End Plugs for your Light Connection to Outlet you need one end plug to power the Commercial LED Light Strings

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Commercial End Plugs
Commercial End Plugs
From $ 3.14 - $ 3.49
Spacer Cords
Spacer Cords 2' to 50'
From $ 2.69 - $ 2.99
Adaptors 4Way - 8Way - Y's
Adaptors 4Way - 8Way - Y's
From $ 4.49 - $ 4.99
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