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Forever LED Wreaths, Garland, Christmas Trees, Clips, Electrical Accessories

Christmas Wreaths, Flame retardant and Non-allergenic,Heavy Duty Clips, Hooks and Elecrical Accessories.

All Artificial Wreaths, Garland, Trees are Flame Retardant and Non-Allergenic, Beautiful Full Oregon Fir and Mixed Pine looks like it just came from the forest - Clips, Hooks and Hanger - Electrical Extensions, Plugs, Wire, Controllers and Accessories for ease of application.

 LED wreaths

LED Wreaths

 unLit Wreaths

Un-Lit Wreaths

 Christmas Garland

Christmas Garland

LED Christmas Trees

LED Christmas Trees


Clips, Hooks, Hangers


Electrical Cord, Timers and Controllers

 Bows seasonal


 Bows & Decorations


Forever LED - Greenery and Seasonal Items - LED Wreaths, Garland, Trees, Clips and Electrical Accessories


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