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Our LED vs. Others

Here are common LED Lights in the Market and Online for 2015

Our Led Vs. Others

Home Accents – Sold at Amazon

Our Led Vs. Others

Trim a Tree – Sold Most Box Stores

Our Led Vs. Others

Sold at Lowes

Our Led Vs. Others


Our Led Vs. Others

Sold at Most online stores


Our Led Vs. OthersNote that all these pictures have this hook on them.  If it has a hook or removable bulbs, then water gets into them and they are out like incandescent in no time.  Rarely do these make it through the season (if a few weeks). They come with little or no warranty.  Cost is cheap because the Lights are cheap.  Wire is so thin they break apart in wind, ice, snow etc.



Our Injected Molded LED's do not come out, they are Professional Grade Premium Light Strings.  If one light goes out (rarely) the rest of the lights stay on.  They have heavy End Plugs that are stack-able. Lens are made of hard Epoxy Plastic and will not break.  Our LED's are the Super Bright Top Grade for perfect color and long lasting. You may save a few dollars buying the Light Strings above but you will never get the Longevity, Color or Quality of these lights that we have had in the market since the beginning of LED Light String in 2002.

  • Grade: Premium
  • LED Color:
  • Lens Material: Epoxy Plastic
  • Ends: Male - Female, End to End and Stack-able
  • Wire Gauge: Premium 22 or Commercial 20g
  • Voltage: 120
  • Average Hours: 100,000
  • Watts per Set: 8 - Fused
  • Maximum set Connection: 44 Sets of 70 lights - 88 Sets of 25 lights end to end
  • Usage: Indoor or Outdoor
  • Warranty: 3 Year Factory
  • Certification: UL, Energy Star - Commercial CSA
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