LED Christmas Lights

Premium Mini Lights, 5mm Wide Angle Lens, C7, C9, G12, C6, Icicles, Nets, Tree Trunk Wraps, Patio Lights, LED Rope Lighting.

3-Year Warranty - Energy Saving - Satisfaction Guarantee.

LED Christmas lights are cool to the touch, weather safe and long lasting. Injected, molded and sealed from lens to base. If one light goes out the rest stay on. Made from sturdy epoxy plastic, stackable or end to end, rated 100,000 hours and are energy efficient.

5mm Christmas Tree Lights
Mini Christmas Lights

LED Berry Lights
C6 Strawberry Lights
C7 Tree Lights

C9 LED Light Strings

LED Net Lights

Tree Trunk Wraps 

LED Icicle Lights

Craft Lights

Halloween Lights

LED Rope Lighting

Black, Brown and White Wire

Shop by color

Shop by Color

Yes, our Premium Lights are better than others in the market.  Why?  They are injected, molded and sealed at the machines making them weather tight.

Our sets have UV protection and are Full-Wave, No Flicker, Heavier wire and the best end plugs that are stack-able or end to end.   

Our lens is virtually unbreakable made from the finest quality epoxy plastic.  To top it all off they come with a 3-year warranty (most last 10+ years), Energy Savings to 98% and a Satisfaction Guarantee and rated at 100,000 hours of use.

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