Commercial Christmas Lights

LED Mini Lights, 5mm Wide Angle Lens, C7, C9, C6, G12 & Accessories.

Our Commercial Christmas Lights are Ideal for Outdoor Christmas Lights, Completely Sealed making them weather and waterproof, Durable 20 gauge Wire allows for connection with no pull apart screw down caps and an Incredible 88 sets end to end.

 Commercial 5mm LED Light Strings

 Commercial M5 Mini LED Light Strings

Commercial C7 LED Light Strings

Commercial C9 LED Light Strings



 Commercial G12 LED Light Strings

Commercial C6 LED Light Strings

 Commercial LED Accessories

Stringers, Wire, Sockets & Ends

Stringers, Wire, Sockets & Ends

LED Tube Lights


Icicle Bulbs

LED Icicle Bulbs


Yes, our Commercial Lights are better than any in the market.  Why? Unique Screw down ends with Rubber O-Rings will not pull apart in Windy or Icy areas, UV Protection are Full-Wave, No Flicker, Heavy 20 Gauge Wire, injected, molded and sealed at the machines making them Weather and Waterproof.

Our Lens are made from virtually unbreakable and the finest Quality Epoxy Plastic with UV Protection. To top it all off they come with a 3 year warranty (most last 10+ years), Energy Savings to 98% and a Satisfaction Guarantee.

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