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Commercial C9 LED Light Strings


Commercial Outdoor Christmas Lights are Ideal in Windy & Icy Areas, Screw together ends make them Impossible to Pull Apart - C9 Lens is 1-1/4" x 2-1/2", 25 Lights, 25' Length, 12" Spacing - 3 Year Warranty - Energy Saving - Satisfaction Guarantee.

C9 LED Light Strings Usage:

Ideal for Outdoor Tree Lights, Roof Lines and Fences, Completely Sealed making them weather and waterproof, Durable 20 gauge Wire allows for connection of an Incredible 88 sets end to end, Cool to the touch - Long Lasting Commercial LED Light Strings are Injected Molded and Sealed from Base to Top - Durable Epoxy Plastic Lens - Low power consumption – Rated at over 100,000 Hours Energy Efficient Saving 80-90% in power

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