C7 or C9 Sockets 100 Package

$ 21.99 $ 23.99
SKU: R-C7SOCKET-G--100pk

Socket Connections for C7 and C9 LED Light Bulbs, Designed with easy Snap on Back Cover

Create Custom Light spacing configurations with length that works for your project. These Sockets are SPT1 or SPT2 and Choose from White - Green C7 or C9 Sockets

  • Color: Green or White
  • Package: 100 Sockets per Package
  • Socket Type: C7 or C9
  • Wire Type: SPT1 - 7 Amp
  • Wire Type: SPT2 - 10 Amp
  • Connection: Snap on Easy to Install
Stringers and Spools
C7 or C9 Sockets
Can be placed anywhere on a wire, create custom light spacing configurations
Designed for easy use with a snap on back cover.  Made of heavy duty plastic
Indoor / Outdoor Use