RGB Manuel for Connecting Lights

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Basic Instructions for Connection and Extending your Light

Connecting Lights

The Minleon Multifunction Mini Controller can connect and control up to 500 Minleon RGB lights or thousands of lights if grouped together using additional Minleon accessories.

Minleon RGB lights have a female plug at the end so additional RGB lights can be connected. These can be any type of compatible Minleon RGB lights, for example you could have a string of C9 RGB lights and then connect a string of C7 RGB lights to have two different types of lights connected to the one Multifunction Mini Controller.


  Always disconnect power before adding or removing lights

Power Considerations

The Minleon Multifunction Mini Controller will allow up to 125 Minleon RGB lights to be connected and controlled using the Minleon 5 amp power supply. The controller is shipped with a 1.5 amp power supply that can run a load of approximately 50 Minleon RGB lights.

When adding additional Minleon RGB lights then the power supply load must be taken into consideration.

For every additional Minleon RGB light added then 0.03 amps of load must be added

You can buy additional power supplies and power injectors from local your Minleon Distributor in a range of sizes (refer to accessories section for available types)


Methods of Connecting Additional Power

There are 2 main ways to add additional power to control additional Minleon RGB Lights.

  1. Replace the current power supply with a larger power supply (maximum 5 amps)
  2. Add additional power supplies using the power injector lead.(refer to accessories section)

Note: It is important that the Minleon Power T and power cable is used for supplying power.

The +12VDC must never be connected between different power supplies

How to Connect Additional Minleon RGB Lights

Each string of Minleon RGB Lights has both a male and a female plug, the male is the input side and the female is the output side. To connect, remove the weatherproof plug from the female plug at the end of the string and then connect the male input plug for the second string to the female plug of the first string. Ensure that the plug is firmly tightened but not over tightene




Connecting Lights Using the One Power Supply

If the power supply connected to the Minleon Multifunction Mini Controller is capable of supplying the power to all the lights connected then it is just a matter of connecting the two Minleon RGB lights together and then setting the correct channel number in the controller.


Connecting Lights Using Additional Power Supplies

Additional Minleon RGB lights can be connected using the additional Minleon accessory. This is achieved by using the Minleon Power-T Injector cable and a suitable rated Minleon power supply. Connect the Power-T Injector cable between the two strings and then connect the power supply to the adaptor.

Connection Options:

The below section gives some basic layout examples of how lighting can be connected and controlled from a Minleon Wireless Effects Controller (WEC). Any of the Minleon RGB Light range can be used including, RGB light strings, Triklits, Strip and bes. This allows for a level of installation flexibility that can suit nearly any requirement

       Single String

A single string connected to the controller with lights supplied by the 12 Volt DC power supply using the

T-Way and power cable



Multiple Strings

Multiple strings can be connected to the controller as each light string is connectable*

*Maximum of 50 lights (2 x 25 light strings) connected to a 2 amp power supply

*Maximum of 100 lights (4 x 25 light strings) connected to a 5 amp power supply





Multiple Strings & Power

Adding additional strings using additional power supplies and power Ts. This will allow up to 400 Minleon RGB lights (16 x 25 light strings) to be connected using the Minleon additional power supply with a Power T ~

~ Maximum of 50 lights (2 x 25 light strings) connected to a 2 amp power supply

~ Maximum of 100 lights (4 x 25 light strings) connected to a 5 amp power supply

Connecting using the Optional T-Way or Smart -T

Thousands of lights can be connected and controlled from a single Minleon Wireless Effects Controller (WEC) using the Minleon T-Way and additional Power supply with a Power-T

Each string on each T-Way will mimic each other so all strings connected will do the same thing. This is useful for using the Wireless Effects Controller (WEC) over larger areas. #

The Smart-T allows for each T to act independently of the other allowing for one supply cable to control multiple independent drops #

# Maximum of 400 lights connected per T-Way*

# Maximum of 400 total lights connected using Smart-Ts*


*Maximum of 50 lights (2 x 25 light strings) connected to a 2 amp power supply

*Maximum of 100 lights (4 x 25 light strings) connected to a 5 amp power supply

Strings Connected through the Data Extender

Lights can be connected up to 100 meters away from the Wireless Effects Controller (WEC) using the optional Minleon Data Extender, Minleon Power Supply and Power-T




Minleon have a number of accessories to allow various installation options which increases the flexibility of the Minleon Wireless Effects Controller (WEC) and Lights

Extension Cables

A range of extension cables for either extending the distance from the controller to the first light or for linking lights together.

Power Supplies

Both 2 Amp and 5 Amp IP67 power supplies available.

Larger power supplies available for use with the 16 port Signal amplifier

Power-T Injector

Used for adding power between Minleon RGB Lights to allow additional lights to be connected

Smart Extenders

The Smart Extender can be used to extend the range of data to over 300 feet from the controller to the first light or extend the range

between different light strings. The smart Extender sender unit changes the data so it can be transferred over a greater distance. The Smart Extender Receiver then converts this data back for use with Minleon RGB Lights.

Due to voltage drop over long distances it is recommended to use a Power-T Injector Adaptor after the receiver unit so that enough voltage can be supplied to the Minleon RGB lights


This can extend the possibilities even further with the NDB Controller. The T-Way allows addition Minleon RGB lights to be connected in parallel. For example you can have 10 Strings of Minleon RGB lights each connected through a T-Way, each string will then mimic each other. This allows for thousands of lights to be connected to a

single Minleon NDB. This can be a big advantage. for covering large areas with one controller. Of course power considerations need to be taken into account.


The Smart-T’s is unique to Minleon, They allow for lights to be connected in a similar way as a T-Way, but instead The Smart-T acts as individually controlled T’s so all lights are individually controlled instead of with the T- Way where all T’s act as the same.

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