Battery Powered Micro LED

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Forever LED Battery Powered Micro LED Lights

Ideal Battery Powered Lights for Hobbies, Christmas Towns, Fairy Lights and More 

  • 20 Micro LED
  • Micro LED Lights are on Copper Wire
  • Length is 48 Inch
  • 8 Inch Lead to Cover
  • Battery Christmas Lights use 2 to 3 AA Batteries depending on color
  • Operation is approx 10 days 24/7 use
  • Colors: Micro Dots - Red, Blue, Green, Cool White, Warm White - Standard On/Off Switch ** Cool White, Warm White (both Whites have timers turn on when you want them on then they stay on for 9 hours then off until the next day at the same time)
  • Colors: Micro Stars - Gold, Red, Blue - Standard On/Off Switch
Battery Powered LED Lights