New RGB LED Flood Light

$ 22.99 $ 69.99


Make any Color you want, Ideal for Accenting Building, Wall, Trees, Walkway or Spot Lighting with Energy Saving RGB LED Flood Lights - 1 Year Warranty - Energy Saving - Satisfaction Guarantee.

Fits any Par-38 or LED Flood Light Base, Durable Epoxy Plastic Lens, Bases are made with Aluminum Case and Nickel bases to prevent corrosion.

  • 20W Par38
  • Remote Control to Change Colors
  • Functions Flash thru colors, Fade, Smooth
  • Control function High to Low
  • Par 38 Base
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Beam Angle 120-140
  • Lumens 1000-1200
  • Working Temperature -20 to 70 degrees
  • Aluminum Case

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