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Spacer Cords 2' to 50'

From$ 2.69 - $ 2.99
SKU: C05047

Commercial LED Lights Professional Grade Light Strings, 3 Year Warranty, Energy Saving, Satisfaction Guarantee

Extension, Spacer Cord for Commercial Lights

Green Wire Two Prong Ends provide water, weather proofing, sealed units, that stay together

  • 2' Cords
  • 6' Cords
  • 12' Cords
  • 20' Cords
  • 50' Cords

Extension cord are Indoor or Outdoor Use

Injected, molded, sealed Units are great for Windy and Icy areas

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Forever LED - Commercial Accessories - Spacer Cords Ideal for Commercial Projects 2' to 50' Spacer Cords Product #: C05007 Forever LED Condition: New Condition In stock! Order now!
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